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Dream Couture Sessions

Imagine a day as your 8 year old daughter (or son). Wake up, go to school, come home, eat dinner, do homework, maybe catch a movie, and go to bed. Visits with friends and relatives, shopping trips and supporting local restaurants becomes the weekend norm, because the world is all hustle and bustle. Pretty monotonous.

These are the years that form a future adult. These are the years where personalities evolve. Where self-image starts to plummet for some, or soar for the lucky ones. These are the years most adults look at as the reason why they went down the paths they chose.

What can we do, to help our children see these as the BEST YEARS?

We, as parents, can curate certain experiences that help them to see their awesomeness! To show them that braces, glasses, or freckles aren't as UGLY as they think (or their "friends" say). My daddy always called my freckles - my "angel kisses" and I refuse to think otherwise :)

Bring your princess (or prince!!!) to Painting with Light studio, where we shine the light on THEM! We will give both of you an unforgettable experience :)

Use your imagination. You arrive at Painting with Light studio, and are greeted by your session stylist, Nichole. Your child sits in a big tall chair, to be pampered by local hair and makeup artists, making them feel on top of the world. Then she will change into a gorgeous pre-selected gown that makes her shine like the star she is. We will take lots of pictures along the way, to document her day. When she has twirled to her heart's content, she gets to bring the gown home with her, so she can relive this day over and over again.

How does all of this magic happen? Parents, I'll need your help here. I will ask you a few questions, so I can make sure that I am providing the best possible experience. Before the session takes place, we will go through a few ideas on gowns and crowns together, so everyone is happy with the selection. We will get hair and makeup artists lined up to come in at the beginning of the appointment, and we will get wardrobe ordered. On the day of your appointment, I will bring some music and a few individually wrapped snacks (thanks covid) because bellies must be pampered, too!

After all of the fun is had, and everyone goes home; that is when the magic happens. I will get everything edited, and we will get together again, to look at all of the awesome images we created together! You will be able to select your favorites, and how you would like to showcase them in your home (a 20 page album is included with all sessions!)

So, how can we make this one-of-a-kind experience for your little one? Get in touch, let's make some dreams come true!!!

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