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How do these "Bachelorette Boudoir Parties" work???

Let's set the scene.. You are about to marry the man of your dreams, and you want to have one LAST NIGHT OUT. But what is there to do??? GO OUT for a night on the town with your closest lady friends, of course!

You show up to the hotel room at your assigned time, and are greeted by a team of Queens. Kick off your shoes, hang up your jacket, and throw your hair back in a pony... it's time to get READY!!

First you will sit with Anna, from Lady A Beauty (check out her insta, she does great tutorials!!! ). She is seriously so awesome at working with your bone structure, and making your eyes just POP!

**Anna uses Younique cosmetic line. I love knowing that she is using a safe makeup for virtually every skin type.

While Anna is contouring, curling irons will be warming up. You'll go to the hair station next, where you'll find Kris. She is a licensed cosmetologist, and has been rocking manes for 21 years!

Here is one example of a transformation. The before image on the left is a gorgeous woman - she just needed to see it! The image on the right - I showed that to her right after I took it. SHE FELT LIKE THE QUEEN SHE IS!!

Once your are through hair and makeup, we will have a few wardrobe items selected and ready for you - we will figure that all out prior to your day, so we are all set and ready! I bring a variety of lingerie, all different colors and shapes and sizes. If I don't already have something you love, you are welcome to bring your own items too!

I suggest that ladies bring a robe from home (you will be walking to and from the bathroom for dressing, so if you feel more comfortable you can cover up). I also ask you to bring a few personal items... a pair of heels, a favorite jersey of yours (or partner's), work shirt, comfy knit sweater, button up shirt/tie, something to that effect. Hell, I've had leather chaps and motocross pads before! The more unique and personal, the better!

If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to share them!!! I love to incorporate your life into your portraits! Husband is a whiskey drinker? got it. Is this for a Groom's gift? cool, bring your veil and white lace panties...

As you finish one station and move on to the next, your friends will move in behind you. It works really well, and everyone is kind of doing their own thing.. no one is bored, looking at you awkwardly as you're having pictures taken, lol... it's actually very personal, and SO EMPOWERING. When all is said and done, you and your entourage will be ready to take on the town... and have a crazy experience that you've already shared!

You can expect to come in to the studio (in Neenah) about 2 weeks after your session, and we will look at all of the images we created. I will set an individual appointment for each lady, and you can all select your favorite images to make products with. There is absolutely NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. If you do not LOVE your images, don't buy them. It's that easy!

I do offer individual sessions as well for those not interested in the PARTY EXPERIENCE. Those usually take place at my Neenah studio (I will make a separate post on those.)

As always, if you have any questions, please let me know! You can reach me by filling out the contact form on the site, or by Messaging me through FB or IG!



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