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What's next?

Do you wonder what happens after your boudoir session is finished, and we part ways?

I can honestly say, every woman that has come into the studio feeling like they already knew me - because of the conversations we have had before you even come in for your session.

But AFTER the session... THAT is the magical part. You will leave the building with a new sense of empowerment. Feeling like you are in the clouds, and absolutely NOTHING can bring you back to Earth.

I take your images home, and wait until the whole house is asleep. I edit everything myself, so no one will ever see them but me and you. PINKIE PROMISE! After your session, I will transfer images from my camera to a password protected external hard drive, that only I have access to. This is very important to me - these are meant for your eyes only (and whoever you want to share them with.) I do not outsource anything when it comes to these intimate portraits.

After everything is ready, I will schedule a time to show you these images in person - either tucked away in a corner at a local Starbucks, or back at the studio - again, however you are most comfortable. We will put together a list of your favorites, and decide what to do with them that day.

I will take your selected images and products and order everything within 24 hours. I custom design each album and folio in house. This is awesome, because I will send you a proof to make sure you love the layout of everything before we send to be printed. IF you are not 100% in love with the layouts, we will work together until it is perfected.

As your items are delivered, I look at the quality and the colors - JUST to make sure everything is as it should be. After everything has passed through my quality check, we package everything beautifully and get to you as quickly as possible.

This is truly an EXPERIENCE... and NOT one that I take for granted. Each and every woman deserves this. And I hold myself, and my business to a high standard. You will be treated like the QUEEN you are!

Let's schedule YOUR day... I cannot wait to meet you <3



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